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Sep 26

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Updating a CMS website such as Joomla consists in updating the software that is the structure of the entire web site.

But the most important thing is ...

What risks am I facing if i don't keep my website up-to-date?

  1. Your website can be hacked.
    We can say a lot when we're talking about the risks of not keeping your website updated. Security weaknesses can, and probably will give you the most painful headaches. On 14th of december, 2015, an important vulnerability in Joomla's security system was unveiled. At that time, one out of three websites have been registered as extremely vulnerable. The good news is that the newer versions have made these weaknesses come to an end thus Joomla was never as secure as today.
  2. You're missing out the new functions!
    Every Joomla! version comes out with significant improvements. Update your website  to find out what's new.

  3. You risk working more than you should.
    In previous Joomla! versions, things that took so much time are now a piece of cake. For instance, try to remember when you had to put an article inside a category only to find out that you have not created that category yet. Now you can create a cateogry directly via the editing article screen. This feature wasn't provided in the previous Joomla versions.
At this moment maybe you're wondering...

Why should I upgrade my Joomla website?

Here's why!

  1. Your site will not stop working when the PHP version is updated.
    Every software needs to be upgraded - even the hosting provider needs to periodically update their software (if it is a good hosting provider). If the host updates the PHP interpreter to a newer version, it is possible that if you do not correctly update the Joomla module, the site will no longer work because it is no longer compatible with the PHP version. That's a thing to keep in mind for sure.

  2. The update should no longer be a problem now that it is so integrated into the system.
    In the past, Joomla upgrade means you must log in to your FTP account and unzip the update package. Now, to make an update, you must sign in and click on an upgrade button. We recommend that you apply the updates as soon as possible to make sure your site is secure. For a healthy process, it's best to first set up an offline mode and disable all plug-ins that you are not sure about running on the next version of CMS (see developer websites). After completing the Joomla upgrade, you can reach the next natural step of updating the extensions and templates installed on your website. Ultimate control is required to ensure that all features work correctly and that the website is working properly.

  3. Reduce the risks by protecting your website.
    A good tip is to have a professional Joomla firewall installed on your site if you want to minimize the risks of potential threats and also get technical assistance if some hackers want to mess up your work. Experience has shown that users who upgraded websites to the latest versions available for Joomla and who have installed a firewall extension were less vulnerable to attacks. Every little thing you do will add another level of protection; While you can not make your site unhackable, you can greatly minimize the chance of being hacked.

  4. Joomla has gone a long way
    If we look at multiple repairs and improvements in Joomla history, we can say that this CMS has become more stable and safer. It seems that the virtual battle between hackers and Joomla superheroes is becoming more and more fierce. It's hard to find out if and when it's over, but if you follow the directions on Joomla's official website and keep up with the latest releases, the risks you may encounter are much smaller.

Continuous updating is a task that you can not lose and must be at the forefront of the maintenance schedule for your site, even if it is not done in Joomla!
However, if you find it too complicated and you want to be sure that you are not experiencing problems and save time and effort, address those who have the necessary experience for safe and efficient maintenance.