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Dec 30

The loading speed of your website depends on hosting provider, server performance, location of server, bandwidth allocation in particular area, ISP and it's connection settings, clients' network settings.


By default, Joomla isn't slow but you can do a lot to optimize ait and achieve great speed for your site.

Below you will find the most essential things you can do in orer to speed up your Joomla website.


1. Keep Joomla! engine and all the extensions updated. Though, make sure to back up your website prior performing updates.


2. Enable the Joomla Compression . To do this, navigate to System> Global Configuration. Open the server tab;


3. Remove unused and unoptimized extensions, as each extension added to your website requires additional system resources.

4. Reduce your images size. Never use large photos and then scale them using HTML - it takes the browser time to scale the images and they look worse than the original.


In case your website still loads slowly, contact your hosting provider.

Sep 14

We are glad to present you a tutorial that will show you how to create a Blog page in Joomla 3.x.

In order to create a Blog page, you should perform the following steps:

  1. Log into your Joomla

  2. Make sure that you created posts and assigned them to the category which you want publish on your Blog page:

  3. Navigate to Menus -> Main menu -> Add New Menu Item:
  5. Under the Details tab, click Select in the Menu Item Type* field and choose Category Blog:

  6. Under the Choose a category* field, chose the category for your Blog page:

  7. Save the changes. Refresh the browser to see your Blog page.

Now you know how to create a blog page in Joomla 3.5.x