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History of Joomla

What's Joomla?

Joomla! is a multi-award-winning content management system (CMS) that allows you to create web sites and powerful online applications.
Many aspects, including ease of use and extensibility, have made Joomla! the most popular web site desining software.
The best is that is an open source solution and is therefore freely available to everyone.

Starting in November 2016, Joomla! has been downloaded over 81 million times.
Over 7,800 free and commercial extensions are available at the Joomla Extensions Directory! and many more are available through other sources.

It is estimated to be the second most widely used content management system on the Internet after WordPress.

Before there was Joomla there was Mambo

Miro released mambo in 2001. Mambo was a early CMS then forked to create Joomla on August 17, 2005

Then Came Joomla 1.0

Released September 22, 2005, Joomla 1.0 was basically Mambo 4.5.2 with a few extras. It took less than 1 year for Joomla to eclipse the size of Mambo

Then Joomla 1.5

Released January 22, 2008, Joomla 1.5 was the first big rewrite to the software. It is perhaps the stable version, in fact it was the first LTS (Long Time Support) and still there are sites in that version.

Then Joomla 1.6

Released January 10, 2011, next major release, added Access Control Lists, big improvements in the Admin Interface. It was a version of preparation for the next 2.5.

Then Joomla 2.5

Released January 24, 2012 , Next Major Release , Ofter referred to as the Joomla 2 branch , Automatic Extension update notification , Improved core search functionality , Added database support for databases other than MySQL

Then Joomla 3.0

Released September 27, 2012, Next Major Release, Responsive by Default (First Major CMS to acheive this) , Twitter Bootstrap integration , Big overhaul of admin interface to improve usability , PostgreSQL support It's the current version, the most powerful ever

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Recent Portfolio

Some of my Clients

They say about us

Paolo Garavana

I met Filippo through the BoxingClubBiella, which was made in Joomla as well. My lack of knowledge of the platform on which the was built, led me into having some difficulties on how to move within the control panel, I also found a problem in some sections where I could not access.

From Filippo I had all the responses in the case, written in a very detailed way with screenshots to make it even easier in my future work on the site control panel, while the real problems of a technical nature have been solved definitively by probably acting on the database and CSS files. I am 100% satisfied with the work done, with a good timing, but above all with commitment and professionalism. I happened to ask for help on Sunday evening and find the mail with the answers and the work already done on early Monday morning and the right word to describe all this process is: Seriousness.

Paolo Garavana
Responsible for online communication - Boxing Club Biella ASD
Stefano Todaro Instructional Designer

I needed a collaboration to manage on several projects for my clients in order to distribute the load of activities related to the management of CMS platforms, especially JOOMLA and its extensions! In particular, it is possible to have a template catalog that can be displayed to the client during the design of the website!

So we realized this together with the Ciocian Dentistry Studio project, where Filippo has been involved in installing the template and supporting its customization issues, especially with regard to information content and its structure.

The project has been implemented and started to maintain both content and online enviroment.

Collaboration with Filippo continues with regard to enviromental management, updating and restoration skills

Stefano Todaro
Instructional Designer for - Studio Dentistico Ciocari
Stefano Todaro - Instructional Designer for

I reached you out for some tech information via email. From the contact was born the next collaboration! I had to create a Joomla environment for a client for a small website. Actually, the customer was an agency's contact. I handled project requests and developed possible solutions.

All content production was on my own. So I needed a collaboration to handle all issues related to the Joomla environment and the management of extensions.

Filippo's collaboration was decisive for the creation of the website The site was then created and transferred to the Hosting Aruba domain indicated by the agency. The agency delivered the website to its customer, then handing it directly to the CMS environment, with extreme satisfaction!

Stefano Todaro
Instructional Designer for - progetto
Daniel Funaro -

Filippo was introduced to me by my friend Stefano who worked with me to the project below and who had already worked with him.

I had to create a Web Site to open a launch my online business in the specific field of Photography, Video and the Internet. My services are addressed to Micro-Small Organizations and are all looking to assist companies in optimizing their online representation with a full range of project management, investment budget and marketing & communication plan.

Collaboration with Filippo enabled the website to be created with Joomla by customizing a template. Its expertise has focused not only on the installation and configuration of the environment, but also on the customization of the template to the project. Particularly important is the need to manage the transition from the development environment realized in a temporary subdomain to the current domain. Additionally, in addition to the usual platform upgrade issues, we have also experienced Filippo's ability to recover a hacker attack, right away for a website security breach.

The project has been realized and has now been completed and is fully operational. Collaboration continues to manage (at required) and upgrade Joomla to later versions!

Daniel Funaro